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THEIA is a translucent photovoltaic module designed for operation under the light-focusing front glass of insolagrin. The module hangs below the front glass and is connected to a centralized tracking system, which moves the module to adjust light transmission and energy production. THEIA modules are based on high-efficiency bifacial silicon cells, encapsulated in a high-transmission glass-glass laminate.​

PROJECT //  01

EnergySun Farms Inc. - Two Tier Company Project:

      A) Greenhouse infrastructure, PV roof agriculture Insolight solar roof along with Climate control systems. Internal system growing with processing & distribution.  center, marketing and sales.

      B) High Tunnel New Tech Design with solar Insolight PV roof systems.

Greenhouse structure and Insolight PV solar system: 

Reduced Capital Cost

USDA Grant- 25% of Cost

Zero Carbon Foot Print

Organic Berries, Year Long

Energy In dependance

Climate Controlled Greenhouse

The greenhouse structure is leveraged as the Insolight solar panel & racking system. It will reduces installation and material costs by creating eligibility for:

26% Solar Investment Tax Rebate (ITC) solar energy incentives, (MACRS) solar depreciation and SREC/TREC state incentives. 

Self-sufficiency with a renewable energy system. 

Moreover, an additional 25% USDA REAP grants.

The solar roof top greenhouse allows commercial growers or investors to produce more revenue with 20% to 30% less capital input on new greenhouse construction, and Insolight/ Soliculture solar panels.

Solar system benefits:

ITC: 26% of the total cost of the greenhouse structure, construction and solar roof cost and installation.

MACRS: 74% total cost of the greenhouse structure, construction and solar roof cost and installation.

SREC II: 2,500 Annual @ $110/SREC= $275,000 annual for 15 years.

Electricity sale: 2,500,000 watt @ 11 cents/Watt = $275,000 a year.

Lease: 20% Profit from the annual Berries production sales. 

Total greenhouse solar structure cost:

2-hectare greenhouse 20,000 SM

* Solar roof system Insolight two side solar panel roof system- €2.1 million. 

* Greenhouse structure cost: $1.4 million, ($70/SM with 20,000 SM greenhouse).

* Greenhouse land preparation and shipping cost not included.

Systems Cost: 

Greenhouse 70€/SM:  This quote (FCA) is including complete set of drawings, steel structure, aluminum tracks, tempered roof glass, corrugated polycarbonate sheets, 4 sliding doors and prefab concrete panels for the 50cm high outside knee walls & setup.

  • Concrete foundation 

  • Thermal/shading screen

Year round Berries crop.

Heating and cooling systems.

PROJECT //  02
Technotherm International

Solar Solutions for your business in one bundle.

The TECHNOTHERM Partial Storage Heaters have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all hard to heat situations.

The Sunny Boy Storage-US inverter & Automatic Backup Unit
Take control of your electricity and heating costs. 

Complete energy backup system * Renewable Energy- Solar PV System * SMA’s Sunny Boy Storage with Automatic Backup Unit * Technotherm International.

Islanding On-Off Grid SMA inveter with storage backup syste. SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverter along with an LG Chem battery to reduce the export on nights and weekends.

The AC coupled design architecture for new PV systems or retrofitting existing ones is one of many benefits of the SMA Sunny Boy Storage. The quick and easy installation is also a huge help, especially for installers. ” We could install one in a half-day,” explained Davis Electric Director of Solar Nick Gilleland.

Other great features include multiple configuration options and the ability to expand. This client, for example, installed one battery but could ultimately install up to two more batteries for a total of three. This would allow for more power and energy capacity.

A high level of system integration provides unmatched monitoring and control and the energy management functions for many different applications are additional advantages of this SMA residential storage solution.

Technotherm International modern heating technology for each home: efficient electrical heating devices ... The heating control with a number of high-efficiency thermostats.

The TECHNOTHERM Partial Storage Heaters have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all hard to heat situations .Whilst the radiator is classed as a 100% efficient Direct Acting appliance, the heating tablets provide partial storage to prolong your heating comfort and to reduce running costs. 

•    Only 7 cm depth 

•    "Internet Ready" with the ECO interface 
(Radio receiver RF and TPF thermostat) or the LHZ APP (DSM thermostat) 

•    Self-generated electricity can be used with the TECHNOTHERM energy manager 

•    "Low Temperature" ideal for kindergardens, schools and social facilities.


In the Ecodesign Directive (the ErP Directive), the European Union requires that the environmental impact of energy-related products be minimized. To this end, requirements for an environmentally sound design of products throughout their life cycle have been demanded and transposed into national law.

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