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Insolight- THEIA Module

The THEIA (Translucency & High-Efficiency In Agrivoltaics) is a new photovoltaic module which can produce more electricity than a conventional spaced-wafer crystalline-silicon photovoltaic panel whilst letting through part of the sunlight. The module is mounted as conventional solar panels. Key applications are mounted on top of plants or integrated within the architectural structures. 

* Instantaneously switch modes to increase light transmittance.

* E-Mode: Maximum Electricity Generation mode. Concentrated light focused on the Photovoltaic cells.

* MLT-Mode: Maximum mode Concentrated light is transmitted through the module.


Password: Insolight



Dynamic Agrivoltaic Solution: a solution to protect crops and generate renewable energy. 

Using THEIA PV modules for adjustable shading. 

piloted to optimize crops’ growth and electricity production.

VALUE PROPOSITION: High electricity generation while providing shade, insolagrin solar modules turn the excess of light into electricity. They produce 30-50% more energy than other translucent solutions.  

Module monitoring & control through dedicated interface.

THEIA Module 260W.

Our Greenhouse/High Tunnels


No land-take-insolagrin replaces existing structures, such as plastic tunnels or plastic greenhouses. Large areas become available to produce renewable energy. 

Dynamic Light Transmission- insolagrin is a new tool for farmers, with dynamic adjustment of the light to optimize crops' growth over seasons and changing climate. Our tracking algorithm integrates agronomic targets, while maximizing the electricity production.

Crop Protection- insolagrin provides a high protection to crops from rain, hail, wind, heat waves or frost. The front glass is designed for seamless integration in glasshouses.

Economic Benefits- Since insolagrin is both a solar installation and an agronomic tool, it generates multi-channel revenues. This leads to economic benefits for the project developer.  



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For over 30 years, we have been one of the leading specialist providers around the theme of "Feeling comfortable with heat from electricity".

Convince yourself of our high-quality and innovative product range and find together with TECHNOTHERM your own personal warmth comfort for all-round well-being.
Core competencies can be found in the field of electric storage heating and electric heating as well as infrared heating. Over the past 31 years, TECHNOTHERM has been able to significantly optimize the technology of storage heating so that significantly smaller housing depths have become feasible. Intelligent control systems, modern design and solid quality characterize storage heaters and electric heating systems.

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