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New Greenhouse Roof Structures, Agrisolar

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Medium Tech Greenhouse Venlo system, you select a roof system that has proven itself over the past few decades. The Venlo greenhouse is the most common roof system in conditioned growing in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Over the years, we have constantly worked to perfect this system making it the most modern system available today.

The Venlo roof system is suitable for large surfaces and is perfect for the international increase of scale of the present-day greenhouse horticulture sector. The system offers high light transmittance and is suitable for coverings of different thicknesses of glass, polycarbonate, solar and insulation panels.

Globally, there is an increase in the demand for greenhouses for conditioned growing, where extreme climatological conditions (such as sun, wind, rain, snow etc.) often form a particular challenge. We take on these challenges and anticipate specific demands for the ease of construction, construction safety, and sustainability. Insolight Greenhouse Venlo Systems Systems therefore remains a leading global player in the field of glass and poly roof systems.

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