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Updated: Apr 11

Complete & pure form without any ill will and ill intention that all humans are born with " original disposition". It is instilled with compassion, intelligence, kindness and all other attributes that embody the concept of humanity.

It has also been suggested that the religious meaning can be translated into the logical equivalence in philosophy, as Kant's concept of 'ought'.

The universe’s expansiveness, nature and ecology, and the human body with its physiology are incredible windows to a path to know to our creator. Our intellect and contemplation is the key to our ability to take in knowledge of these fields and reach out beyond typical norms to understand what these major signs are telling us.

Astronomy, natural sciences, and physiology of the human body are the platforms to a bigger journey that leads us to our origins in the heavens. Through the intellect of our minds and the innate natures imbedded in our hearts, a sense of awe ultimately leads us to this discovery of our creator.

The innate nature in our hearts is made to love goodness and to dislike evil and its distastefulness. It is as if our heart is our guide in what we do and whom we trust. This imprint or nature that we adhere to lets us know when we are on the wrong path and, when we don’t heed our sense of being, depression sets in.

We are built with desire in order to sustain our existence as an individual and as a species. Yet, if we are unable to contain these whims and desires they can go on overdrive and overtake us. The freedom we are given to choose our path is the rule by which our self-control elevates the value of our conduct on earth.

So it began with the covenant taken before birth in the Azal (before life), come to life and open our chapter and write in it the life we lived and path we have taken and return to the afterlife to receive our report. " The concept of righteousness, good moral character, and the body of moral qualities and virtues prescribed by our creator. "

The Natural Order: Rules that Promote Sound Conduct

Happiness: It only comes by making others happy, for the sake of something greater than satisfying our human needs and desires.

Depression: It is a result of ignoring our innate nature and going against these higher morals.

Wealth: It is protected and increased with five methods: righteousness, caring and consoling family and close relatives, trustworthiness, the state of ever seeking forgiveness, and perfecting one’s works.

Success: It is brought about by caring for parents, close relatives, and those in need, and by acquiring wealth in a manner that is rightful and with aims of communal benefit.

National Success: It is established when the natural order is achieved with commitment to the weak and impoverished in society. Social welfare is not the answer, but rather to invest in programs that provide work and training in these segments of society, such that people can achieve financial independence and the joy earning income. Such a system guarantees national success.

The covenant of innateness (Fitra) exposes for you your mistakes, and the sacred law gives you direction.

The Eight High Moral Characters: that build the moral compass in your heart and establish reception with our creator:

We seek spiritual fulfillment through contemplation in nature and the universe. We seek common ground with our spiritual guides, whom attained high moral characters, in order to acquire these shared ideals. The principle and fundamental purpose of morality is love: love for God and love for God's creatures. The religious conception is that mankind will behave morally and treat each other in the best possible manner to please God.

1) Love to all of humanity, all creatures and to nature:

Once you have attained acceptance above your heart is filled with love. This love illuminates you with happiness, tranquility, safety and the feeling utmost success. Your hearts pours out with love towards everyone & everything. Love brings a sense of purpose and unity with all those who aspire to morality past and present, all revolve around a common axis.

One most apparent fact is that love and acceptance of people on earth is a sign of acceptance in the heavens and the universes as a whole.

Hearts lean towards the person and are comforted by his/her presence.

2)- Truthfulness :

leading a life based on truthfulness and fair dealing and falsehood and dishonesty must be avoided.

Truth and honesty are the two elements that define the character entirely. Truthfulness leads to piety and righteousness. Righteousness leads to good fate for it encompasses all that is good. Truthfulness was a characteristic virtue of the prophets.

3)- Patience- endurance during hardship:

Tradition holds that God has made this world a testing ground for mankind, especially for the believers, and that the sincerity and strength of their faith will be judged through various trials. Self-control during pressure and duress given that ability to abstain from responding to harm, emotional or physical in equal measure for the sake of something greater.

The three forms of patience & endurance are obedience to commands, by avoiding evil/obscenity and in accepting fate. Once you are steadfast on this course of action you are empowerment by the will to endure. You don't fret from facing difficulty and adversity, for it is one side of the coin of belief (Iman) and the other side of the coin is…

4)- Gratitude and thank-fullness:

Everything we are given in this life is free. Beginning from our creation, nature around us and the elements that sustains us. The fee for food the farmer provides is a mere payment for his effort. All livings things a re produced and grow with no contributions by us. Thankfulness is to recognize and accept that the bounty we receive, that is endless, is a gift from above. Gratitude and thank-fulness to our Creator internally should be by minimum repaid in service and gratitude to His creation.

5-6)- Being just/ embracing justice:

"To render justice ranks as the most noble of acts of devotion next to belief in God. It is the greatest of all the duties entrusted to the prophets…and it is the strongest justification for man’s stewardship of earth."

Its meaning is thus "a combination of moral and social values denoting fairness, balance, temperance and straightforwardness.

Enjoin justice, adopt good behavior and give relatives their due right. Act to forbid shameful acts, evil deeds and oppressive attitudes. Justice is administering matters without an increase or decrease to foe or friend. It is to administer justice in how you view all internally to your action towards others externally.

According to the scholars, rendering justice to people is a trust from God entrusted on mankind, and this should be fulfilled with a sense of responsibility, not just as a formality

7-8)- Trustworthiness/honesty & Fulfilling one's promises:

Who honestly look after their trusts and covenants and those who are upright in their testimonies. When they are trusted they do not betray and when pledge they are not treacherous. They instill confidence in society. The origin of truth is truth of action, in words and deed. Trustworthiness means the responsibility of choosing appointing the right people for the right positions. Misappropriation or breach of trust.

Once the eight characters above are mastered. It is makes much easier to master the rest of the high morals including:


Modesty is seen as a human trait that distinguishes human beings from other animals

Modesty increases devotion and brings the heart alive. Deterrence of self from indecent acts and to hold oneself from following its desires like an animal. Modesty as a trait is to leave what is indecent. Once modesty is a part of the character, it brings goodness to its holder. It is the modest inhibitions that are built in us that are removed once we drink alcohol, for example.

Generosity- Charity and Philanthropy

- Desires are traits and its perfection is generosity.

A fundamental duty is to be generous with wealth and to respond to the calls of mankind's needs.

The righteous are those people who fulfill their promises, and feed the needy and the orphans for the love of God.

Generosity is essential for community bond.


Anger is a trait, and its perfection is bravery.

It's the middle ground between recklessness and cowardliness, and allows one to take on danger and difficulty for the sake of a nobel objective and cause. It must have clarity of objective and a high measure of truth and knowledge for this sacrifice to be honorable and worthy. It involves to always standing for principle, taking bold stances and expressing ones opinion.


We expect people to practice tolerance in their family and social life and when one is faced with ill-treatment by any unwise person, a sensible person should be less reactive and more tolerant. People kindness is charity and good treatment to others has the bigger objective of eternal happiness. For you to win the hearts and minds of people is more important than all the riches you stand to gain.

Forbearance & Leniency

God is described as being kind and merciful to His creatures, and tell people to be kind likewise. Kind and humane treatment earn virtue, and can even be a means of salvation. Similarly, cruelty towards animals can lead to punishment by God.

To hold back on punishing those who deserve it, with full capability to do so is the definition of forbearance. This mercy will may mend the hearts of those who are arrogant and ignorant. Leniency in a person, moreover, may come from his previous stumbles as wisdom does not come without due experience.

The planting of high morals in society are the following:

Altruism and selflessness

To give preference over ones self, even though in poverty is to be saved from greed. Altruism towards yourself is by living without need from what others have. The opposite is the selfishness where one favors themselves rather than selfless giving. Altruism is to give more than you keep for yourself which opens the path to be closer to your Lord.


Is to help one another in righteousness and piety and not help one another in sin and aggression. Collaboration is meant to build strong communities. It is a virtue that builds a civili order that transcends through society in strength. Collaborations in time of leisure in helping the poor and during calamities ease the pain and suffering. This will similarly build a stronger society

Covering others’ misdeeds

Overlook others mistakes and transgressions and conceal them. Blame their transgressions on their human nature and relate their success on adhering to high morals. Weak nature is due to lack of knowledge, so you may advise those who have committed misdeeds to help realize their mistakes. The correct actions towards your own self is to conceal your mistakes, transgressions and not propagate them openly in the community.

For good reason, three people you are allowed to impugn in public: those who commit sinful acts in public, those who break trusts, and those who commit false testimony.

Mutual consultation

Consulting on matters of state is more incumbent upon the ruling class, particularly consulting with scholars and experts in society. Those consultants must be with a breadth of knowledge, experience, and intellitgence.

Be just, trustworthy and free of any entanglement of personal gain.

Even in the setting or all organizational structure, community leadership and even at level of household, consultation is a sign of wisdom,


Is to adapt what is complementary to elevating self worth and to leave what defiles and devalues self-worth.

To always stand for what is right and to be upright.

The scholars combined all of high of morals to be a part of chivalry. They also combined all lowest of morals to a part of meanness and vileness.

Chivalry in essence is that when you speak, you have eloquence, when you give you give generously, and when you are angered, you are angered only for principles and not for self.

High Morals Important to be Instilled in Society: (Morals meant for others against your interests)

Beneficence & charity

It negates the human impulse of selfishness. It deters the person from only focusing on ones satisfaction of their wimps and desires. Charity here is to elevate yourself above your animalistic instincts and to rise and live for a higher goal.

Charity towards oneself is to dedicate one’s life for the sake of society and to live for a higher purpose.

Charity can be sacrificing your position and power for the common good and what is more beneficial for society.

It can be sacrificing your rest and leisure bydedicating your time for higher scholarly learning.

This sacrifices in time gaining knowledge for the aim of teaching and spreading knowledge.

It can also be using whatever power or position you have to help others, free from any personal interest.

Charity can also be shown towards your own body fulfilling its right to a healthy diet and exercise.

Reflection & deliberation

Human mental intellect, and its perfection is wisdom.

When human beings accepted to be the viceroys of the earth, they were tasked with the responsibility of knowing their Lord and obeying His commands on earth.

Reflection is to reach a high level of deliberation and finding agreement amongst all opinions . The universe can be a tool by which to understand and realize the perfection of our creator.

The responsible behavior is to weigh this responsibility bestowal upon us and the honor it carries with good conduct.

The essence for our existence is fulfilling our responsibility towards ourselves and in being the viceroys on this earth.

This great human treasure, our intellect, needs to be used as a tool to care doe earth and not abuse our environment.

Decent Speech and Controlling our tongue

Decent and gentle speech has been encouraged as it is seen both as a virtue and as a means of cultivating goodness among people.The ability to control what we utter is called concealment or secrecy. Our ability to control what we say is of utmost importance and is to be thoughtfully executed.

Allowing people to be safe from your tongue and hand brings peace of mind to those around you. Words spoken can have grave consequences at times and may cause harm to you and others.

Past advice from our forefathers and scholars alike indicates that we should guard from the consequences of ill speech by avoiding it.


Humility is defined as being modest and respectful. Simplicity and humbleness inspire the person to practice humility in their life. Should make it rare to engage in argument with others or to laugh in a loud voice; rather, preferred soft smiling.

It involves lowering your status in public and not being full of ego and boasting. It encourages using your wealth and power to help fulfill others needs. This will accomplish removing all ill will from your heart, and producing an environment of goodwill and ease.

By bringing yourself down in humility, you are bestowed a closer status with your Lord. For If you obey Lord, you will reap the benefit of safety and protection.

Proudness in piety

Humility by eliminating pride and boastings breads sincerity and allows you status with God.

You are watchful over your actions, steadfast in doing good to society and not forsaking humanity.

The pride of your creator descends upon you in status and you feel His presence and pride.


Our creator sent one mercy down to earth to be shared by all creation on earth and kept ninety nine for the day of judgement. This Godly attribute to be merciful is one great achievement in reaching the ability to deliver goodness.

Mercy is what bond all creation to a level of humanity.

Devotion to righteousness

The highest form of righteousness is devotion towards our lord with prayer and worship. That is followed by devotion to our parents, keeping up with our relatives, visiting our friends, and looking after the sick and needy.


Inter beauty that is evident and radiates from the ones who have reached excellence in piety and goodness. It is much more than external beauty, but rather inter beauty found within. This radiance is written on the face, seen deep in the eyes from the depth of the soul.

True wealth is the wealth of contentment with what you have in satisfaction, without that deliberate insistence on materialism. It is the ability to be happy with the status quo and take control of one’s selfish desires.

The ability to have contentment and be satisfied with less is a blessing in life.

The antithesis of that is the relentless drive after wealth and power.


"He who is deprived of kindness is in fact deprived of goodness."

It is to express that which is easy and gracious in words or deed and to refrain from hardness. Lower your wing to people and speak with gentle words and avoid harshness.

Leniency strengthens the bonds of friendliness and intimacy in society.

The objective here is not to be soft with the ignorant and the womanizer but to be informitive, as well as contradicting and with prohibition.


Elevating oneself above temptations in this life and abstaining